Treasure Hunt: Striking Gucci Gold

Firstly, let’s start off by saying that I regard myself as a master of finesse. I am constantly competing with myself to raise the bar higher and higher. That being said, I think this time I really outdid myself.

This ol’ yarn begins after a long day of scouring the town for the ultimate thrift store finds with my aunt and my mom. This day had already been going pretty darn well as I scored not only a black cashmere sweater but also a pair of white leather sneakers that I have worn so many times that I’m beginning to question if they are actually becoming an extension of me. Concerning? Yes. Fashionable and comfortable? Double yes.

Anyways, like most of my adventures, the search for a good cup of joe often leads me to good places. My mom, my aunt and I were all exhausted and while we were scouring the streets for any place to revive our wilting souls, an ominous yet intriguing shop suddenly appeared on the horizon.

This place is incredible. Filled with good stuff, but also an overwhelming explosion of disarray.

This picture doesn’t even slightly capture the reality of the inside:


This shop was so messy, even I an experienced and hardened flea market drifter and thrift store vagrant found it difficult to concentrate. Then, something caught my eye. In a glass case with layer upon layer of jewelry ranging from the dawn of time till now, a beautiful sparkling ring sat calling my name. It called specifically to the gaudy grandmother within that particularly appreciates these kinds of things. I’ve really tried to refine her tastes but that old broad won’t quit. Anyways, I had to have it. I crossed my fingers that it would fit and by some miracle it did. To really put the cherry on top, my aunt Mary Ann swooped it up and graciously bought it for me. I was thrilled. Even about a month later I can still be found so mesmerized by it sparkling on my finger that I forget the world around me.


Even after buying the ring, we were so transfixed by this case of jewelry that we decided to look again. As my eyes and my brain worked in hyperdrive to process all that I was seeing, there it was. Amongst the watches. My brain said, “Yo. Yo, girl. Look at that. Is that… what I think it is? YUPPPPPPPPPP! A Gucci watch!” And then I said, “Damn, brain, is you for real?” I looked again. Yup. She for real. It was perfect. Vintage and understated. The perfect everyday watch. I see the price. $60 big ones. Not bad, but also not as good as it could be. At this point, I had already gotten the ring as a present from my aunt and I knew that I had about a million other ways to spend $60 dollars responsibly than on a watch that I didn’t even know if it was real or not. But… I knew it was real. It had to be. I asked to look at it and the lady at the shop shuffled over to get it out for me.

It had all the hallmarks it needed for it to be authentic. But alas, I knew that I had to walk away. Gone, but never forgotten Gucci watch. I’ll be thinking of you.

Suprise! The story does not end there. Lol, that Gucci watch was comin’ home to mama 😉 Cut to my 19th birthday. To say I was forlorn was an understatement. I was the physical embodiment of hit song Hello, Darkness my Old Friend. In an attempt to cheer me up and break the cloud of existential crisis surrounding me, I went back with my mom and my aunt to that wonderful, crusty, and overwhelming treasure hole. I was scared the watch wouldn’t be there. Looking back, this was foolish. It had probably been there since the invention of sliced bread. I asked to see it again, and yep. I still wanted it. We asked the lady what her best price was and she said $50. Hmmm, $50 for a watch that might not even work was still a lot to me. Once again, I decided to walk away.

But I couldn’t let it go. I scoured the internet to see if I could get some info and low and behold I found the same watch with a whopping price tag of $1,200. I screamed “TURN THIS BUS AROUND”, and I ran into the shop. The lady asked what brand the watch was, “Pierre Cardin?”, as she began to punch in what she was going to charge me. I damn well knew what the brand was but acting to protect myself from a possible price mark up I bit my tongue and replied.. “Hmm, I don’t know. I can’t see it from here.” Really, this lie made no difference because seconds later she said, “oh, it’s Gucci.” Damn. Luckily for me, it didn’t matter. My mom asked if she thought it was real and the lady replied in a very condescending tone “Well, if it’s not real the watch man will laugh in your face and say what a fool you’ve been.” I was like…umm. At this point, I was feeling like she had actually finessed me, but regardless I was so excited and happy to finally have the watch on my wrist.

Cut to Safeway. Did I surprise you? Yes, the finale of this tale ends at Safeway. This was the hour of reckoning. There I was, standing in front of the all-knowing watch overlord. It was as if he could read my thoughts. I was preparing myself for the villain-esque laugh the antique store owner had promised I would get if I had been duped. “HAHAHAHAHA”,  he would say. “YOU FOOL! What a clown you are! How could anyone ever believe this to be real?!” But instead, as he went off to inspect it in his almost hidden key-kiosque, he seemed optimistic. “Good sign”, I thought. Then he came back with two beautiful words and a fully-tickin’ watch. “It’s real”, he said. Hurray! I couldn’t believe it. But the good news didn’t stop there. He continued on to say, “$800 dollar watch. Wait, let me see if it’s gold plated.” AHHHHHH was what my internal voice was saying at the time. If you’ve read my past jewelry blog post then you’d know that I’m basically a prospector reincarnated. Needless to say, I really wanted it to be gold plated. “$1,000 dollar watch, gold plated”, he said. EUREKA! I’d hit the jackpot! Then he said, “$22 dollars for the battery.” Interesting. Very INTERESTING. I had just read his sign that said: All watch batteries $12. He had charged me more because it ended up being a nicer watch.

In the end, I had been finessed. By none other than the watch man. But all and all, I had expected much worse. I walked out of Safeway that day as a champion.

I’ve worked for Gucci before at their store in SF showing clothes to private clients:

Nothing beats getting paid to play dress-up!


Exact same watch on Etsy  (This one’s brand new, but there are used ones for around $300 on Etsy as well)

White Leather Shoes

Similar Black Cashmere Sweater

Similar Pink Ring 


Jewelry: Yes I Have a Problem, No I Won’t ​ Get Help

Jewelry is what keeps me going. I would put my need for bedazzlement second to, maybe oxygen. Not to be dramatic but when I forget to put on my favorite necklace, the heart tremors begin immediately. It may come as a shock to you based on my previous statements, but I once despised these magical body sprinkles. Yes, it’s true. My mom has always been into jewelry and has always tried to get me into it. Maybe because of this, I decided that jewelry was whack just because I wanted to stick it to the man. It’s only recently that I’ve gradually come to my senses. Pushing puberty aside, I realized I’ve been a damn fool. A damn fool! So many years wasted, I’ll refer to them as the Dark Ages. Also, I’m 100% turning into my mom. Like it’s crazy. Everything that I used to be like “Ew I hate that”, is now like, “Holy frick Mom, that’s so tight, can I borrow that (steal forever and claim as my own?)”  So I guess I’m a dirty poser! So be it, judge me all you want.

Wow, I love gold. It’s my metal of choice. So shine, so glow, so sparkle. I swear I must have been a gold miner in a past life and things must have not worked out for me then, so I’m making up for it now. Eureka! That’s what I say every time I buy or receive something gold. People are starting to get scared though, I mean fine, if my prospector outfit scares you I guess I’ll go. But it was either this or my Goldmember tracksuit. Your choice.

For reference, these are both pictures of me. Sorry, I forgot to shave in the first one :/


Without further ado, here are some of my favorites!


Alighieri Leone Medallion

Oh man. I love this bad boy. I’m wearing it while I’m writing this, in case you doubted my pure and undying love. If you did, then jokes on you, you played yourself. At the time, I’d been searching for months to find the perfect every day, french girl-esque necklace that I could call my own. It had to be fabulous though, obviously. But also I’m poor so like… sweetie had to be under $250. I don’t know if you’ve happened to notice, but literally every enviable French girl has a circular, golden necklace. Is this a cool girl cult of some sort? If so, where do I apply? Yes, I know I’m underqualified, please let me live my life thanks. I’m a Leo, so the fact that this has a beautiful lion on the front really sold me. Though this necklace never flips, the back is beautiful as well so if in the event that an asteroid zooms by and a huge blast of wind flips your necklace around, there’s no need to panic. Pat down your hair and carry on because the back is equally as lovely as the front. I said lovely, was I just possed by the Queen? Damn, I wished she stayed longer, I think I’m back to normal. If you’re a high roller (lucky you, can’t relate), Alighieri offers this in solid gold, but you already know mines just plated and guess what I love it just the same! Overall, if girlfriend had the coins, I’d be spending mad dough over on their website because I love everything.

Gold Lion Charm

My little baby lion! What a cutie!! This was generously given to me by wonderful auntie Evita. Shout out, Evita! This was a major sacrifice because not only does she love gold, but she’s also a Leo. Best sign tbh, anyone willing to fight me on this can meet me at the playground around 4. I love to pair this with its big lion brother above. She got this at the Santa Cruz Antique Fair from “the charm lady.” Pretty sure that’s her legal name. I ripped the chain off of another necklace of mine that was being a major disappointment. It needed a rebirth, and for once I don’t regret one of my excitement-fuelled irrational outbursts. Since I doubt anyone will seek out the charm lady, I’ve linked a similar one above. That boi is only $3.50, get on dat!

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Moon and Star Necklace

Ah, my moon necklace. The only thing that eased the horrors of senior night. If you have a senior night, I would advise you to run, but like, if you have friends and like staying up for 24 hours straight then I guess go, this sounds like a great opportunity for you. I got this as a gift from my Mom and Dad. My Momma knows what’s up, let’s be real. She got this from Marshalls and let me tell you, do not, I repeat, DO NOT sleep on their gold section. Nine times out of ten, it be poppin. This was a special time in my life, and I wore this when I graduated high school. Little did I know I was about to be royally finessed the second I moved into my dorm, LMAO. (The one I linked above isn’t exact, but it’s pretty close)

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Silver and Gold Necklace

My silver and gold necklace! Everyone loves a good fusion, I know I do lol! This is awesome when I feel like wearing both silver and gold, not to mention it goes with my lion medallion perfectly. Got this sweetie as a gift from my fab auntie Mary Ann, love it! Such a great surprise and I’ve already gotten so many compliments on it. (Had a really difficult time finding something similar, but there are plenty of great options on Etsy)

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Gold Chains

MY GOLD CHAINZZZZ! It’s best to be prepared to start a rap career at any time. I put my name into a rap generator the other night (haven’t you?), and my rap name is “DEE JAY SV SQUEEZE”. And I mean obviously, I was not disappointed in the slightest bit. You too can generate your rap name just in case someone asks the next time you’ve got your chains on. It happens to me often, so I had to get hip. These guys are super delicate, so I have to treat them with respect. One time I said “damn necklace” and one of them broke. So proceed with caution. My Momma also got these for me. Honestly, I get pretty much everything from my Momma, and from Marshall’s yo. (Also not the same exact chains linked, but I tried.)
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Gold Heart Necklace

Last but bish these babies aren’t least, my gold heart necklaces! One is a locket that I just got this past weekend from an estate sale! I was so excited, and it hangs in the perfect place. Couldn’t wait to get home and polish it up. BTW, I think polishing jewelry is just as effective as meditation, somebody should get on that. Also, there’s a cute little old couple in there and I feel really bad about taking them out, but I really want to put a picture of my dog that recently passed in there. Lol, did you think I was going to put a picture of my boyfriend in there? Ha, don’t have one of those!! The second is an incredible gift my Momma gave me (surprise) when I got dropped off at college. It was the first gift my Dad ever gave my Mom, and it means so much to me. AND THAT BABY GOT A DIAMOND INSIDE!! Sorry 4 flexin!!

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Gold Wave Ring

I got my golden wave ring from a shop during my summer trip in Kauai. This was a “treat yo self” moment and I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve had this ring on my finger since last June and it’s become apart of me. I’ve got the tan line to prove it. I was doing a job for Carolina Herrera and I had forgotten to take it off. The woman that was sent out to represent Carolina Herrera came up to me, and I started screaming internally “YOU DUMMY, you’re about to get flamed for not taking that ring off! You’re blacklisted, done for”, but then she walked over to me and said, “Oh my god, I have the exact same ring, look! Leave it on!” So basically we have matching rings. No big deal. Speaking of matching, my mom also loved it so much that I bought her her own and we wear them as mother-daughter BFF rings. Every time I look at it, I think of her. (The one linked above is pretty damn close to mine!)

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Nova RingGold Octagon Coin Ring

Love these Missoma rings. Obsessed with all of their stuff. The Lucy Williams collection is insane, we love a multi-talented queen! So fab and easy for layering. More is more, that’s what the hoarder inside always says!

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Super Extra Gold Ring

This is my “Philanthropy Woman” ring. If you ever feel the urge to flex on all your haters, then pop this status symbol right on yo finger of choice. The only problem is the diamond on mine is most definitely not real, but no one needs to know that. Keep it on the DL guys, let me live my gaudy grandmother lifestyle in peace. (Not even close to the same ring, but general idea-ish. Got mine from an antique store)

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Badass Ring

My badass ring. Momma got this for me after surviving one too many Greyhound Bus emergencies. Sometimes you just have to do what you got to do to get home. Would SERIOUSLY not suggest. If you live through someone overdosing on top of you, or your driver almost yeeting your whole bus off of a cliff, then you too should get a badass ring. I think you deserve it. (This is not the same ring, but again, I tried)

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Gold Filled Coin Ring

Do you like Roman coins? Are you extra as hell? Then you too would love this ring! Roman coin, check! Gold? Extra check!

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Gold Hoop Earrings

Ah, nothing beats a classic pair of gold hoops. I found these at the thrift store and they’re 14k solid gold! Guess how much I paid… $3 buckeroos!! I really cried some happy tears when I busted out ye old magnifying glass when I got home and read the stamp inside. Good freakin times. Please mention this great moment at my funeral, really deserves to make it on the highlight reel.

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Free People Earring Pack

Everyone loves a fun pack, and my set of Free People earrings really hit the spot. I love to mix and match my earrings, and this pack is specifically geared toward that mentality. And ya that’s right, I haven’t lost all of them like you said I would. I’m talking to you Mom! (Not the same pack linked, but tbh I wish I had these more lmao, also the photo is not mine, but it’s the exact same pack I have. Mine no longer look that pretty haha)


Hand Symbol Earrings

These have to be my favorite pair of earrings. I mean peace and the perfect symbol?! Say no more, I’m sold. Got these as a gift from Madewell, the land of dreams. That place is just too good. I’ll take five of everything, please. (Not the same linked, but similar. Not sure if they make these anymore)

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I have so much more jewelry that I love and adore, but these are the pieces I find myself wearing multiple times a week. I’m on a gold kick, what can I say. If anyone’s interested in a post on silver jewelry, let me know. Highly doubt anyone will be though, just like they’re probably not interested in this post. I get that, respect.


Keep it real,